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We strongly believe that the Muslim nation can unite regardless of color, race, or gender,in commonly beneficial projects, most importantly those linked with the benefits of the Holy Shrines.

Labbaik Al Haramain

This Hajj and Umrah e-Marketplace is an Interactive hub that combines hospitality services and related products enabling an exchange of benefits among the stakeholders involved with Hajj and Umrah.

Stakeholders include

  • Service suppliers of accommodation, transportation, food catering, excursions, sightseeing, insurance, gifts, visa processes and others.

  • Umrah operators and Hajj Missions

  • Travel agencies worldwide

  • Organisations and communities promoting Hajj and Umrah

  • Customers planning their Hajj or Umrah trips

Our e-Marketplace handles marketing and booking reservations as well as extended functions for hospitality suppliers and providers in general. It supports group and individual bookings in one integrated operational and accounting system.

Labbaik Al Manafie (Benefits)

Economics of Hajj and Umrah Journeys

  1. Boost products that cater to the needs of pilgrims

  2. Motivate publishing houses to produce cultural materials that concern the Holy Cities.

  3. Contribute in the development of facilities and properties that provide more comfort, such as: food security, smart transport and logistics, green energy, etc.

Benefits shared by the Muslim Countries

Create cultural bridges between key players in the hospitality industry and Hajj and Umrah-related services.

  1. Organise niche events to support production and marketing of artifacts and traditional handcrafts, as well as technical, medical, engineering innovations, and projects of green, renewable and alternative energy.

  2. Bring together ideas and efforts from diverse organisations involved in the Hajj and Umrah sector, and encourage new investments and projects for sustainable development.

  3. Encourage infrastructure projects, such as: waste management and recycling, new and renewable energy, and such

Labbaik Treasury Fund

The support of Labbaik Global for the projects recommended by Labbaik Forum starts from the conceptualisation phase and goes through continuous stages of research and development, feasibility evaluation and project planning, through to supervision of implementation. It also attracts investments and crowdfunding for these projects and assists in marketing, management, and operations.

Labbaik Treasury Fund is a pool of investment capital that can turn promising opportunities into achievable outcomes with high returns. The Treasury Fund invests in various projects with promising and sustainable futures.

These projects, having been evaluated for their viability and potential returns for the Treasury Fund, will be converted into commercial entities, such as:

  • Labbaik Lodging

  • Labbaik Energy

  • Labbaik Transport

  • Labbaik Recycling

  • Labbaik Technology

  • And, many more

Labbaik Humanity

We devote part of our income towards  philanthropic and endowment projects that add value to the Holy Cities, such as development, restoration of historical and holy sites, and medical and healthcare activities during Hajj and Umrah. The board of trustees decides on these philanthropic projects for their value and benefits.

Through Labbaik Trust we aim to spread globally the concept of Hajj and Umrah and encourage Muslim states to participate in projects that strengthen Islamic belief and preserve Islamic heritage, regardless of financial returns or profitability, such as:

  • Medical services during Hajj and Umrah

  • Emergency and civil defense services

  • Gifts and souvenirs that embody the Holy Shrines.

  • Cultural and media materials that concern the Holy Mosques and the Holy sites

  • Events to support artifacts and traditional handcrafts

These are in addition to takaful for individuals and communities, and support for the wellbeing of the Muslim Nation as much as possible.

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