Why Us

Why Us ?

Initiators of E-Umrah

We have extensive hands-on experience in Hajj since 1980 backed by remarkable success stories.
Based on an innovative idea that sparked in 1996, we conceptualized the first e-Umrah system and marketplace. 
By 1999 we completed the first electronic system for managing and distributing hospitality services, with localized features, which we launched in 2000.
We seized the opportunity that coincided with new Umrah regulations and introduced our system to official agencies, who - being impressed by the system - endorsed it as the blueprint for Umrah operations.
As the first approved UASP (Umrah Application Service Provider) we served in 2001 and 2002 total of 90 Umrah Operators - more than 40% - and their 3,000 travel agencies worldwide.

  • At the request of the Ministry of Hajj, we have contributed to the development of the RfP (Request for Proposal) with specs and standards for qualifying UASPs (Umrah Application Service Providers)

  • In 2001, we developed for the Ministry of Hajj the first system for distributing land lots in the Holy Shrines among the Domestic Hajj providers.

  • In 2001, we conducted training courses and workshop sessions for the employees of the Ministry of Hajj on the best use of our applications to manage, at that time, the newly introduced e-Umrah system.

  • We developed for the Ministry of Hajj the first performance assessment system for domestic Hajj providers

  • We developed and distributed among the qualified Umrah operators the Operations Manuals for Umrah Management as their guidelines to success. We also provided them with comprehensive training.

  • We helped unlock the monopoly of Umrah in Iran in the season of 2003 by enabling Umrah operators to promote sales of their packages directly to their agents, bypassing strict blocking by Sazman.

  • We are the first and only national company honored with the electronic issuing  of permits for domestic pilgrims in 2003 with advanced digital readers for the Ministry of Interiors, accomplished in only 45 days.

  • We contributed to the development of the first release of Shomoos and managed the data center for the launch of the service on behalf of Elm Info Security Company.

  • We are the only company qualified by the Ministry of Interior, represented by Elm Co., in 2003, for the development, implementation and operation of the e-Trip Ticket and e-International driving licenses project, which we accomplished in less than 2 months.

  • We designed and launched the first TV Network “Beeaty” dedicated to meteorology and environment in the Arab world, under the patronage of the League of Arab States.

  • For the holy Municipality of Makkah we developed an advanced system, “Salamat”, for issuing smart health certificates to staff in hotels, restaurants, and food and beverage suppliers.

  • We developed the first system for recruitment, employment including the ability to process contracts.

We take advantage of our extensive experience and achievements in strategic planning, business development, and marketing to help explore new opportunities to enrich the benefits of Hajj and Umrah for all partners.

  • To achieve this vision, we organize events that bring together potential stakeholders in the Islamic world to exchange ideas and experiences.

  • We are dedicated to delivering effective solutions, backed by exceptional standards of customer service that in parallel, enable our partners to achieve their own business targets and vision.

  • One of our major objectives is to become accredited and trusted leader in maximizing, financially and operationally, the benefits of Hajj and Umrah businesses.

  • We believe that the only constant in life is change. Change is pervasive, inevitable, and accelerating in our world today and resisting it is a losing strategy.

  • Labbaik Global believes that adapting to change results in survival, but by leading change, we thrive. We embrace change. We drive it. We welcome it.